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Sandy Suriyakumar
(Managing Director)
10 Mattawa Cres
Kanata, ON
K2M 2J4

(613) 296-1325

Welcome to OttawaMathTutor, your source for the one-on-one math tutoring.

If you live in Ottawa (Canada) or the surrounding area and you are in High School or University or College and need help with math? I can help you!!!

As a result of the changes in the Ontario curriculum, students now face new challenges and more pressure to succeed than ever before in math.

To help students meet these demands and achieve their academic goals, was founded by Sandy Suriyakumar in the summer of 2001 with the mission of providing high quality math tutoring services.

Sandy Suriyakumar is one of Ottawa's best known and respected math tutoring professionals. I am not a certified teacher, but an experienced tutor.

Presently, OttawaMathTutor offers math tutoring services to the following curriculum:

Grade 9 - Principles of Mathematics, Academic (MPM1D)

Grade 10 - Principles of Mathematics, Academic (MPM2D)

Grade 11 - Functions, University Preparation (MCR3U)

Grade 11 - Functions and Applications, University/College (MCF3M)

Grade 12 - Advanced Functions, University Preparation (MHF4U)

Grade 12 - Calculus and Vectors, University Preparation (MCV4U)

My Teaching/Tutoring Experience:

Instructional Technologist & Mathematics Consultant - EZ Learning Solutions Inc., Ottawa, Canada.

Math Tutor (Grade 9 to 12 for the new Ontario Curriculum, College and University)

Teaching Assistant - Dept of Mathematics, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Junior Lecturer - Dept of Mathematics, University of Transkei, South Africa.

My Education:

B.Sc (Hons.) Mathematics (Cum Laude)
B.Sc (Hons.) Computer Science (Specialized in Software Engineering)
Engineering Council (Part 1) London (UK)

Types of Tutoring:

OttawaMathTutor offers 2 types of tutoring services.

Regular and On-Call.

Regular: I will meet you for the tutoring on a regular basis. I will decide as to how often the meeting should take place.

On-Call: You call me and I will meet you only when you need help.

Frequency of Tutoring:

Lessons are typically an hour in length but can be longer if you prefer. Most students are generally tutored twice a week, or more, depending on the student's need. Students can schedule extra lessons as tests/exams approach. My schedule is flexible to meet your needs.

Additional Services:

* Individual power learning lessons
* Develop students' ability to solve math problems
* Enhance or improve key concepts
* Help with home work
* Review and Preparation for tests and exams
* Time Management and Memory Training

Missed Lesson Policy:

Every student is expected to show up for all of his or her scheduled lessons. If a student misses a lesson or part of it, no refund will be given for the missed lesson time and the student will not be permitted to attend an extra free lesson to compensate for the missed lesson.


Weekday evenings and Weekends.

Note: Lessons are conducted at my place only. And my address is 10 Mattawa Crescent Kanata, ON, K2M 2J4.


Grade 9 - 12 $40 per hour

I provide each lesson to the needs of the student. I respect the time and money of our clients and strive to optimally provide my services at each lesson. For further details or to arrange a lesson, please contact me at (613) 296-1325 or send me an email to

OttawaMathTutor and EZ Learning Solutions Inc. has partnered-up to publish the following Study Guides and Workbooks:

Math 9 Applied/Academic Study Guide/Workbook
Math 10 Academic Study Guide/Workbook
Math 11 University/College Study Guide/Workbook
Math 12 University/College Study Guide/Workbook

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